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Okay a lot of us, including myself have been long guilty of hitting the "I ACCEPT" checkbox without actually reading in full the details of the agreements we are getting into, but this practice is actually very wrong and dangerous.
Most times if not all, we are the ones that sell out our rights just by a simple thoughtless mistake we didn't expect, in exchange for the troubles. I am going to explain the sentence, keep reading.
That simple single split seconds click on that checkbox can go ahead to do lots and lots of damage. Let me explain, some of the sites or programs we sign up to have really weird and disgusting practices, they promise your protection in bold and fault it in details, and that is why you have to carefully go through every dot in the details of privacy, terms of services and every other agreements. If you go by the conclusion, they simply tell you YOUR DATA IS SAFE WITH US, but the devil is in the details, because if you go through the terms of service, you are actually going to find out thar you are giving most of this applications, websites and all some access and permission to do a lot of things without questions and when you realize the damage that has been done, you can't take any legal actions because you consented to all of it by that single 'checking the checkbox'.
Most times this app take the advantage and spy on your device or infos and get a lot of data that could endanger you. Sometimes you start experiencing excessive data and battery usage, your device starts overheating, and your memory is unnecessarily used up but you just can't account for this, this is often as a result of the bloatwares and spywares that you have ignorantly given access and permission to remotely control and spy on your device. You gave all this access just by simply clicking the magic button 'I ACCEPT' , 'I AGREE' or whatsoever it is.
Let me give you an instance, there is this keylogger app, you just don't know much about it, except that it is a beautiful keyboard app. This app asks for some accesses, and you go agead and grant them, bringing your doom in seconds. Let me tell you what that app does with all this access, it saves each and every keypress and or data that you input in your device, it collects all your credit card details, email passwords, ALL your account Password, your chats, etc, but you Will only know as much as that it is a cool keyboard app if you don't read. Now anyone can take advantage of this and start spying on your phone with all this data collected. The app stores this data to a path in your internal storage, and you know how much of a damage this could lead to if this information lands in the wrong hands. Now don't forget that this app regularly updates its server with your usage data. So now you just see how much data you give out carelessly to an untrusted party in a sec. This would have been prevented if only you read.
So I'm not saying you shouldn't accept any app or website, but what am saying is that you should READ before you ACCEPT, if it is too dangerous or unfavourable, then DON'T ACCEPT.
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