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Akpos and his babe papa......
General: Hello! May I know you?
Caller (Akpos): sorri I want to
speak wit Joy sir.
General: I said who are u & what
for? Akpos: hmmm (after he
understood d situation @ hand),
Okay Sir, I am FRANK EDOHO
MILLIONAIRE. Joy's friend is
presently on hot seat and needs her help to answer a question for
2Million Naira. So the next voice
you hear after is her's, the time
starts now....... General: ooh am
very sorry!!! Joy! ,Joy!! Pls take ur
phone ur friend needs ur help...........
Akpos: The question is, when are
you coming tomorrow? A.
Morning, B. Afternoon, C.Evening,
D. Night.
Joy: D. Night. Akpos: Are you sure? Final
answer?.... Joy: yes am very sure!
Akpos: okay, greet that yeye
father of urs for me
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