The Success way for Copy and Paste Blogger Let me tell you the truth, there is no SEO on earth that can help you if you do copy and paste, do not waste your time mostly if you are in the entertainment news industry, you would end up wasting your valuable money. Successful copy and past blogger strive for Facebook Fan Pages and Twitter Fans, Boosting of post, this is our way out. We reach out to the people rather than like them reach out to us. Note, this is not self sustaining as you would definitely run out of juice someday. I started thisRead More →

Today i will like to post about some AdSense and affiliation site that can not pay you even if you hustle from now to next decade. This post is published so that you can run from them.. They are scam. So many people want to earn online either by affiliate or selling, or sub affiliate.Which ever one just keep your spirit high. I’ve come across people sharing fake links on social media so the can get people to sign up under them. But the truth is that some of them are scam. Let’s List And Discuss Some Of Those Sites •Earnwithinvite. This is the firstRead More →

A man and his wife were traveling to Italy by air. Mid way into the journey, the pilot announced: “Ladies and gentlemen, we are sorry to announce that one of the engines has stopped functioning while the remaining one is not functioning as required. Therefore, we may crash in a few minutes from now. We advise that everyone should reconcile with God and settle every issues that need to be settled and pray for us.” Mr. Manji touched his wife Ellista and said “Honey, please forgive me ooooo, your sister Simi that stays with us is my sex machine. We had several abortions she hasRead More →

People have often referred to Google, Facebook and Twitter as cases where foreign tech companies are blocked in China. In reality, while Facebook and Twitter were indeed blocked, Google chose to withdraw because they didn’t want to comply with Chinese censorship regulations. It’s important to note that most foreign tech companies were not blocked, and companies like eBay, Amazon, Viadeo and, of course, Apple and Samsung all entered and competed in China. EBay was beaten by Alibaba more than a decade ago. Amazon entered China through the acquisition of a local company, Joyo, in 2004, but was never able to build a commanding position inRead More →

Bangladesh police raided a militant hideout in Narayanganj, less than 20 miles south of the capital city of Dhaka, killing the “mastermind” of the July cafe attack Tamim Ahmed Chowdhury, who is a Canandian-Bangladeshi, and 2 other suspected militants. On the night of July 1, five armed gunmen stormed the Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka, killing 20 people and holding others hostage. The following day, security forces carried out an operation killing the gunmen and rescuing 13 hostages. Nine Italians, seven Japanese, three Bangladeshis and one Indian were among those killed. “Tamim Chowdhury is dead,” BBC reported the Bangladesh Counterterrorism Unit’s Additional Deputy Commissioner SanowarRead More →

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommended on Friday that all blood donated in the United States and its territories be tested for Zika virus, as it moves to prevent transmission of the virus through the blood supply. The agency said its decision to expand blood screening in the United States was based on concerns about more cases of local transmission in Florida, the growing number of travel-related infections and concerns that Zika-tainted blood could unwittingly be given to a pregnant woman, putting her unborn baby at risk of severe birth defects. “The transfusion of a pregnant woman with blood infected with the Zika virusRead More →

The latest beta version of WhatsApp for iOS features the new video calling feature. This feature is currently available only for beta testers. Speculations are rife that the video calling feature will be soon made available in the next update to general users. @WABetaInfo, a Twitter account that has been consistently releasing information on the upcoming features of WhatsApp has revealed several screenshots of the latest beta version of WhatsApp for iOS. The screenshots have revealed that a new “Video Call” icon can be seen at the top right of an open chat window. Previously, the chat screen only featured voice call button along withRead More →

WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, is available on all major smartphone operating systems, through web browsers and now on desktop operating systems With over 1 billion users, it is already the world’s most popular messaging service, but WhatsApp is now seeking to extend its reach by offering its users access to most of its features on Windows and Mac computers. In a move that will be seen as a challenge to other messaging apps like Apple’s iMessage, Facebook’s Messenger and Google Hangouts, the launch of dedicated apps for Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac OS X could have the biggest impact on Skype, theRead More →